Spitalfields has become a very popular location for film crews. Feature films, television productions, music videos, commercials and fashion shoots are regularly being shot on the streets of the area. This undoubtedly helps advertise the area to a wider audience, bringing in additional visitors and raising the profile of Spitalfields as a tourist destination. However, the shoots can also bring disruption to local residents and businesses: large film crews with copious amounts of equipment create noise, block pavements and are granted suspensions of parking spaces that are already in short supply. Our latest Members' Survey indicated a very even split, between those who fully welcome filming and those who feel it overly infringes on their lives.

SCG has a dedicated Film Officer, Peter Boisseau, who regularly helps members in their dealings with the Film Office or directly with the production companies. He monitors the amount of filming in the area and tries to ensure that the Film Office strikes a sensible balance between the demands of the production companies and the rights of residents to a peaceful home-life. If members are troubled by a film shoot or if they receive a film notification letter and have concerns about the plans, Peter will help whenever possible. He has a wealth of experience in the film industry and has successfully resolved problems for many members. You can get in touch with him via the SCG contacts page.